Protected planet vision and work is probably the most developed taking under the consideration the protected areas data sets. It allows to visualize the most created nature reserves and parks on our planet.

I tried to filter the data to present a useful map of one country protected areas, guess what country is in scope – Poland. On the map, there are placed four types of nature preservation areas (data stats are taken from mighty Wikipedia):

  • 23 National Parks
  • 122 Landscape Parks
  • 419 Protected Landscape Areas
  • 1469 Nature Reserves

I have decided to use Mapbox Studio application as it have complete, editable base maps and it is pretty simple in use. Another reason is that I simply like their maps style and in my opinion they produce the best tile map services.

In that composition you won’t see city, town and village labels as they are deleted on purpose. Unfortunately the map was unreadable with all of the standard labels and additional ones – protected areas.

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