Recently I have provided two Twitter Accounts Poland Sentinel and Gdansk Bay Sentinel which are posting satellite images from the ESA Sentinel 2A satellite. FME Server once again helped me in the automation of these interesting projects.

Brief of the Process

Workspaces are of course built in FME Desktop 2022. Firstly I have created Gdansk Bay Sentinel because it’s easier to develop downloading only one region – the process is checking the same coordinates every day and if there is a published new image that day… it is shared to a Twitter account.
Poland Sentinel workspace is more complicated as its checks two locations per day. I have also gathered a list of 1164 points of interest with coordinates and my intention is to extend that. Plan is to tweet two locations per day, so that would give us original satellite images for 582 days. Currently, most points from the list are Cities (more than 900) and Landscape Parks (translated from Park Krajobrazowy). Below example section of the table which I use to store the data, coordinates are in WGS84 (EPSG: 4326) coordinate system:

1Park Krajobrazowy Pogórza Przemyskiego49.72757 22.52355Park Krajobrazowy
2Magurski Park Narodowy49.51445 21.45801Park Narodowy
3Szczecin 53.42854 14.55281Miasto
4Zamek Pieskowa Skała50.24409 19.78014Zamek
5Krynica Morska 54.38593 19.45279Wieś

Scheduling Method

For Gdansk Bay Sentinel I have set a simple Schedule on FME Server. But for the Poland Sentinel profile, I have used Automations option because it has a nice Retry feature in case of a failure. That will almost guarantee that there will be a tweet every day.

Skierbieszowski Park Krajobrazowy – 2022-09-08 – Satellite Image by ESA Sentinel 2A


Technology gives me possibility to easily integrate it with other social media, but for now let’s keep it only on Tweeter and check how it will be liked.