I have decided to evolve a tennis map application created by me a couple of months ago. This is still a Mapbox map with ATP tournament location and basic event information. Additionally, I have attached the full 2022 calendar on the right side of the app. Hovering over a calendar record will trigger a fly animation to tournament place on a map revealing a popup with a description. For the mobile version please visit the direct website link – tennismapp.smartcarto.com

Interesting Facts About 2022 ATP Calendar

  • Officially, only a first half is known for now. Second half is still unofficial when I’m publishing this post (26/12/2021).
  • There are a couple of tournaments with only one year organizing license: Adelaide 1, 2 Melbourne 1, Sydney
  • After two year absence, Shanghai ATP Masters 1000 is expected to return to schedule

Methods and Technologies Used For The Map

  • FME Desktop helped in gathering information, converting to GeoJSON and creating the calendar table.
  • Mapbox GL JS library is responsible for map visualization and its functions like a fly to location and popup.

Tennis Map Information Source

Tournament information comes from the official ATP calendar and other websites like Sportskeeda.com or tennismajors.com.